also if yall want an update on kitten Junie...

she 100 percent thinks she's a guinea pig. she just sits in there, with her head in the huts. and eats hay. every day i have to pick hay out of her nose

she'll sometimes get too playful and it annoys the pigs, so we have to kick her out. but shes so gentle with them....she loves them

also if anyone is worried about the safety of the guinea pigs, they can bite hard and make noise. they're fine. they've never upset or hurt, just annoyed when Junie is in their space for too long

@witchy her head in the hut eventually it will just be a hat. I wonder if she's sad she can't fit inside it anymore

@Sorl she is absolutely upset she can't fit in there fully like when she was a little kitten

@witchy I remember being a little upset that I couldn't walk freely under the dinner table anymore because I started bumping my head on the underside

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