trying to get one of my friends into dwarf fortress im afraid ill never see them again

redroom? more like radroom (starts glowing green and floating)

I must not sleep. Sleep is the mind-killer. Sleep is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

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i just wanna play a part in planting a food forest why is this so much to ask for (this is a rhetorical question)

nonsense ogdoposting 

I gogdo 2A before the deadline let me knogdo if you were too logdo to catch it

food joke 

come on down to the fediverse potluck. I'm bringing mastodon crumble (vegan)

Weather Alert 

Centered on my profile we have been upgraded from a shitpost watch to a shitpost warning. Be careful out there everyone, damage can occur outside the cone

worm time more like warm time (iam currently in a sleeping bag traversing my house (not really cuz its so hot but imagine if this was true) )

:twinpeaks: red room materializes in the monads mansion just next to the sycamore door frames *ominous whooshing* :twinpeaks:

AFAB (all feds are bastarts) means even beloved FBI agent, Dale :coop: Cooper is an Enemy

im gonna do a bit now where i mix up vanguardism and gatekeeping. good luck

my favorite thing about mastodon is that i can press the boost icon and it just does the thing i want it to

finished my minimum wage cafe job! Time to focus on my real art, making shitposts

genital mention 

Working is a drydick game

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