cw food 

biting into a brick of curry like a chocolate bar

im gonna mix up bass (fish) and bass (low frequency sounds) in 2022

lost my gnarled staff in the monads megadungeon. if anyone sees a staff that's absolutely caked in fungal spores can they ship it back to redroom? post it to Glastonbury Grove, just past the sycamore trees, postage paid on arrival. Thanks in advance.

The way I feel about it 

To put it in writing I feel like themself makes more sense but I constantly catch myself using "themselves" in speech since the verb is conjugated for a plural sentence. Then again, I never see "you are yourselves ..." always "you are yourself..."

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Can ppl help me out with a language thing? Pick the word you'd use in the blank:

Wyrdash made __________ a sandwich.

im a new world creationist but for the internet. the archives of geocities were put there to mess with me specifically.

trying to get one of my friends into dwarf fortress im afraid ill never see them again

redroom? more like radroom (starts glowing green and floating)

I must not sleep. Sleep is the mind-killer. Sleep is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

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i just wanna play a part in planting a food forest why is this so much to ask for (this is a rhetorical question)

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