due to a pharmaceutical mixup, i was accidentally given the corvid vaccine. i am now inoculated against crows, bluejays, ravens, etc.

talking about streamer 

im so glad jer;a's back

food (non vegan) 

little chalky candy named skell-o-ton styled after this one

shitpost, sex reference 

more tech should be designed like this please

now that yahoo answers is deathbound, when will ActivityPub!Answers be developed


Person I was random matched with had it set so whenever they activated the dual blades thing it did this

I want "This 'I was at the capitol January 6th 2021' shirt has a lot of people with sunglasses on asking questions that are already answered by my shirt" on a hat

are you doing OK? you've barely touched your gecfast.

gross eye stuff 

replacing my eye fluid with Krytox 205G0

I love to have a little bean sprout sticking out of my head, signifying that I'm not entirely a human (like having fangs or animal ears but not furry)


holding two dolls labeled FBI and CIA and making them kiss

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shitpost I'm SURE no one's made before 

Fediverse...more like FEDiverse bc everyone is all feds

netrunner weed 

Squnk (weed strain, 43% THC, shorts out nanomachines and will act as bug repellent)

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