lewd FF7 fanart - nsfw nude pinup 

long overdue pinup of tifa

i would hope this post wouldn't be necessary, but i've been online long enough to know it's a good idea to point out that while i post spicy, smutty art on here, this is not an invitation to say horny things to me

i'm grey-ace and mostly aro, and in a monogamous relationship. i draw because i want to or because i'm paid to and am not seeking lewd interactions.

enjoy my art, but mind the boundaries i set. thank.

monster girl pinup

this is argaea; she's a semi-recurring subject of mine that i should give more attention to

cw - nude pinup

kicking this account off by uploading my old smutty art, starting with my twink kirin boi

cw - nudity


this is @extinct 's lewd art account :blobshh:

i post spicy smut art on here, but often weeks, or months after i draw it, if not longer. if you wanna see the fresh stuff, become a $3/mo supporter on patreon.com/extinctinks

it goes without saying that this account is 18+ only

extinct after dark :bloblewd:'s choices:

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